Homework is updated in planners every day.  

Research shows that students retain information better if they simply read over it several hours after it has been presented.  Homework allows students the opportunity to strengthen learning, while practicing needed skills.  The following assignments are to be completed each week.

Reading – Complete the reading assignment each evening.  Try not to read ahead; it’s too easy to get focused on the new things you are reading and forget what happened where we are as a class.

Word Study – Remember that words are only presented every other week in fifth grade.  You are responsible for adjusting your time to complete the required homework assignments in time for Thursday turn in every other week.  Please remember that if you only do the minimum required assignments, you will only get an 80% on your homework.  In order to receive the full 100%, you must do some of the choice activities.

Science – Read over notes in the current unit each night.

There will be projects and occasional practice activities that will come home also.  Please check the agenda each night so that there are no forgotten assignments.



Fabulous Fifths!